Welcome to Shervin Bagheri's research group on Fluids and Surfaces at KTH, Stockholm.

We are interested in understanding how flowing fluids and surfaces behave and interact.  Our main objective is to apply this understanding to design new surfaces to control/sense flows and particles suspended in fluids.

Much of our research involves finding appropriate models that capture the dynamics of moving fluids and the properties of surfaces as well as the interaction between the two. We also perform numerical simulations resolving all length and time scales to identify key interaction mechanisms. We make use of experimental techniques to complement and validate our models. Our motivation comes from solving important engineering problems. You can read more about our research on this website.

Our research group always looks for new challenges and collaborations with scientists and industry. Feel free to visit us at KTH or to contact us if you have questions.

Below is a popular science movie explaining how our research is relevant to energy efficiency.