Two open PhD positions!

We are currently seeking up to two PhD students in fluid mechanics to join the LUBFLOW team. LUBFLOW is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and runs from September 1st, 2023 to September 1st, 2028. The primary objective of LUBFLOW is to develop a fundamental understanding of lubricant-infused surfaces in fluid flows, which could have significant implications for various technological applications.

This position provides an exciting opportunity for talented and motivated researchers to work on a cutting-edge research project.

A lubricant-infused surface (LIS) is a structured surface infused with a viscous liquid layer. These slippery surfaces are partially inspired by the carnivorous Nepenthes pitcher plant. LISs have shown great promise for reducing fluid friction, preventing biofouling and increasing heat transfer in fluid flows. However, the behaviour of LISs in realistic flow environments is very difficult to predict. LUBFLOW will therefore investigate LISs in fluid flows that include turbulence, surfactants, and bacteria. This could lead to better control of fluid flows and broad technological advancements.

Depending on your background and interests, you can work on either experimental or computational fluid mechanics combined with chemistry, biology, or materials science. LUBFLOW tasks focus on understanding different aspects of lubricant-infused surfaces:

  • Interfacial phenomena of surfaces in laminar or turbulent flows
  • Effects of surface tension variations caused by surfactants and thermocapillary
  • Bacterial biofilms on interfaces in flows
  • Efficient numerical solutions for interfacial turbulent flows

As a PhD student, you will have the opportunity to contribute to one or more of these topics based on your skills and interests.

You can read more about the LUBFLOW here:

You can apply for the position here.  You will also find information about KTH and what we offer at this link.

The deadline is 7th June 2023.  (We recommended that you apply earlier however if you can).