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We are expanding and have openings for two new PhD students. The announcement can be found at KTH Website (where you also can apply):

Announcement in English

Announcement in Swedish

By joining our group, your research will play a role in addressing societal challenges.  Approximately, one third of the word-wide energy consumption is due to transport of people, goods and fluids. GHG (Green House Gas) emissions can be reduced with better use of thermal and mechanical energy. In the Fluids and Surfaces Group, we want to understand the fundamental physics of how complex surfaces interact with fluids in order to contribute to the design of new multi-functional surfaces that have the optimal balance between weight, friction, heat, acoustics and fouling.

You will be working in a multidisciplinary environment. We believe it is in meetings and in discussions with people with different backgrounds that good ideas are produced. Since fluids and surfaces exist essentially everywhere, new exciting projects and learning opportunities constantly arises for us in a variety of areas. For example, performance of fuel cells (PEMFCs) depends on the ability of gas flow to efficiently transport water vapour away from a thin porous medium (cathode gas diffusion layer) ; in scaffold design for bone regeneration, the cell growth on the implant (a porous biomaterial such as calcium phosphate cements) depends on the dynamics of surrounding liquid; in river ecosystem, the surface and groundwater mix in a region of porous soil (hyporheic zone), which supplies nutrients and substrates that drive biogeochemical processes.

You will have access to world-leading facilities. Together with our colleagues in the department, we  have one of the largest supercomputer time allocations in Sweden, which allows us to perform high-performance computing of advanced numerical problems. At KTH, we have access to advanced instruments for surface fabrication and analysis as well as test facilities for characterizing fluid-surface interaction. Our research group is connected to centers such as Linné FLOW center, Swedish e-Science Research Center (SeRC), Wallenberg Wood Science Centre (WWSC), the Oddqvist Laboratory and Interface.

You will work and develop in a dynamic team. We believe that a fun and interactive group atmosphere is fundamental for  innovative research. We also put value in that every group member in our research team will have the chance for personal growth by participating in international conferences on a regular basis, having opportunities to teach fundamental courses, experience longer research visits to other universities and take initiatives for activities.

We look forward to hear from you!