Congratulations to Susumu for his first publication in Soft Matter

Susumu has combined experiments, numerical simulations and scaling models to explain and describe a new hydrodynamic mechanism, which we call leaping, for the spreading of liquid drops on non-smooth and textured surfaces.

Similar to everyday life experience, where jumping and leaping to overcome obstacles increase the speed and efficiency of mobility, Susumu has shown that a liquid contact line may jump between texture posts and ridges and thus obtain speeds much larger than expected.

These insights improve our understanding of splashing, droplet impact, or in situations where time scales are imposed externally, such as wetting phenomena in the presence of vibrations. Moreover, our model helps in answering how asymmetric textured surfaces should be designed to direct the fast motion of liquids.

The article which of course is open access can be found here!

The animation below shows experiments (left) and numerical simulations (right) of a water drop spreading on skewed ridges.